FAQ and Info

You have to be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo and valid Identification is needed.
People under the influence of alcohol or drugs is under no circumstances

Hygiene is a very important aspect in our job.
To keep us as well as you safe we work according to rigorous hygiene principals.
The Studio is certified by the Deparment of Health and Enviroment.
Instruments are steralized in an vacuum autoclave,
and it’s spore tested every month in a bacteriologic medical laboratory
belonging to Karolinska University Hospital.
Proof can be viewed in the shop.

Keep the bandage on for 6-12 hours.
Then carefully wash the tattoo with mild soap
and lukewarm water to get rid
of any excessive color or/and blood.
Let dry, spread a thin layer of Bepanthen on the tattoo.
2-3 times a day, more if needed.
Until all the scabs are gone and the skin is
completely healed (approx. 3-4 weeks).
Avoid direct sunlight, bathing and sauna the first month.
Please stop by after 3-4 weeks to show us your tattoo.

Tattoo and Piercing open.
Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00
Sat 13:00-16:00
Sun Closed

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